Shuedet - Audio-Visual

Multi-instrumentalist and electronic music producer Thom King (who releases music under the alias Shuedet) joined us at the Bloom AV launch in early 2015 with a premiere live performance alongside our geodesic screen.


We are currently making future developments to a unique audio-visual show that will feature contributions from a range of artists associated with the Bloom AV collective.

A preview of this collaborative project, featuring edits of lithographic prints created by Alice King, can be viewed above. This is a live recording of our visualiser interpreting a track entitled "Somewhere New" taken from Shuedet's sophomore EP, Permutations.


Description from the artist:


The recording is comprised of five songs written and continuously rearranged throughout 2015, and is a way of extending my capabilities for digitally enhanced live performance using stringed instruments, vocals, sequencers and field recordings. Processes of manipulation and layering form textural, flickering melodies, ambient passages, and driving rhythms, grounded by deep sub-bass. At it’s heart this is soundsystem music, meant to be immersed in and felt physically.


The physical 12” record is available for pre-order via QRATES with digital formats available for download on the Shuedet Bandcamp page.

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